Translation of Mr. Liu Zhongjing’s works

Connecting the Dots in the 20th Century Far East (All introductions)
Connecting the Dots in the 20th Century Far East (Chapter 1)
Connecting the Dots in the 20th Century Far East (Chapter 2)

1 The Imagination of the Empire, the State, and the Nation-State
2 Deconstruct the History Perspective of a Coercively “United” China
3 From Cathaysian States to China
4 Narratives of the East Asian Community in the World Order Coordinate System
5 The Triple Faces of Inner Asia (English-Chinese Bilingual)

6 The China Fantasy: Ancient Myths and Subsistent Crisis
7 Cold War and World Order
8 Self-organizing Order in Modern Coastal Far East
9 History Tells (English-Chinese Bilingual)
10 Game of the Far East in the 20th Century between Japan and the Soviet Union

11 The Formation of Identity: Techniques and Paths
12 Sharia in the Evolution of Order
13 Hongkong Nation’s Holzweg (English-Chinese Bilingual)
14 May Fourth Movement in the Background of Long-term Historical Evolution
15 Peoples and Classes on Europe’s periphery: The Evolution of Early Modern Eastern Europe from Hierarchical Societies to Nation States

16 Battle Amongst the Gods: World Order and Modern China
17 Cold-War Liberalism and Neoconservatism
18 The Inner Asia Ocean and the Imperial Order
19 A Brief History of Bashulia’s National Constitution
20 The Dissolution of Colonialism and the Far East Treaty System

21 Inner Asian Order in the Golden Age of the Outer Iran
22 The Key Nodes to Evolution of History
23 Faith, Pattern, and Inheritors of the World
24 Diantnam – the Mainstay of Southeast Asia
25 Symbol and People

26 Pax Americana

US-Dominant World Order and China’s Growth (40%)